The Joyce Ackroyd Building building has a PV system which is capable of producing up to 80,000 kWh of clean energy a year.

The 54.3 kWp system of the GP North Building consist of  209 PV modules occupying a roof area of 342m2.

Joyce Ackroyd Building
Joyce Ackroyd Building
Joyce Ackroyd Building


Site name UQ St. Lucia Campus
Building / location Joyce Ackroyd
Suburb / city St. Lucia, Brisbane QLD, 4067
Nominal DC output 54.3 kWp
Module area 342 m2
Start-up date 03/03/2016
Visible on Live Data display Yes
Date connected to display 03/03/2016
Site longitude 153°0'52.98" E
Site latitude 27°29'41.49" S
Height above sea level 13m + Building Height
Time zone AEST
Type of installation Roof-top (elevated)
Tracking system No tracking system
Orientation Azimuth = 10°, -170°, -80°
Module make & model Trina TSM-260PD05
Module technology Polycrystalline Silicon
Module size 1650 x 992 x 35mm
Number of modules 209
Inverter make & model Sunny Tripower 25000TL-30 & Sunny Tripower 5000TL-20
Number of inverters 2 (1x25, 1x5)