The Axon Building (No. 47) is now part of the wider sustainable energy network at UQ.

With most of its T8 light fittings retrofitted with energy saving LEDs and the addition of a 34.32 kWp solar PV system, this building is playing its part in the overall reduction of carbon emissions.

The 34.32 kWp system of the Axon building consists of 132 PV modules occupying a roof area of 216 m2.

Axon Building (No. 47)
Axon Building (No. 47)
Axon Building (No. 47)


Site name UQ St. Lucia Campus
Building / location Axon Building (No. 47)
Suburb / city St. Lucia, Brisbane QLD, 4067
Nominal DC output 34.32 kWp
Module area 216 m2
Start-up date 03/03/2016
Visible on Live Data display Yes
Date connected to display 03/03/2016
Site longitude 153°0'51.7674" E
Site latitude 27°30'0.507" S
Height above sea level 28m + Building Height
Time zone AEST
Type of installation Roof-top (elevated)
Tracking system No tracking system
Orientation Azimuth = 17°
Module make & model Trina TSM-260PD05A
Module technology Polycrystalline Silicon
Module size 1,650 x 992 x 35mm
Number of modules 132
Inverter make & model ABB Power One Aurora Trio - 27.6TL-OUTD-400
Number of inverters 1