The Prentice Building accommodates the university's Information Technology Service and Property and Facilities Division and is the site of the main data centre on the St Lucia Campus.

The building has a long association with engineering and information technology and this continues with the installation of an experimental 13.4 kWp roof-top photovoltaics.

In November 2011, 56 Trina Solar modules were installed on the Prentice Building to create a four string, 13.4 kWp array.

Each string has the same tilt and orientation. Two of the strings have panels with a special anti-reflective coating (ARC).

Cable runs from the strings to the inverters are all the same length and other measures have been taken to ensure the strings are identical except for the ARC feature.

As well as generating useful renewable energy, the installation is designed to test the effectiveness of the ARC technology under field conditions.

Prentice Building
Prentice Building


Site name UQ St. Lucia Campus
Building / location Prentice Building # 42
Suburb / city St. Lucia, Brisbane QLD, 4067
Nominal DC output 13.5 kWp
Module area 78.6 m2
Start-up date 12/12/2011
Visible on Live Data display Yes
Date connected to display 24/04/2013
Site longitude 153°00'50" E
Site latitude 27°29'56" S
Height above sea level 38 m
Time zone AEST
Type of installation Roof-top installation (elevated)
Tracking system No tracking system
Tilt 27° (adjustable to 15° for research)
Orientation 345°
Module make & model Trina Solar TSM-240DC05 & Trina Solar ARC
Module technology Mono-crystalline Silicon (Anti-Reflective Coating on 50%)
Module size 1650 x 992 mm
Number of modules 56
Inverter make & model Aurora Power-One PVI-12.5-OUTD/-S
Number of inverters 1