The Upland Road Clinics Complex is fitted with a 40.2 kW in solar PV array.

The seven systems comprising this PV installation were installed with great care to protect the architectural character of the host buildings.

Total energy generation of this array is expected to reach 59,000 kWh a year.

Upland Road Clinics Complex
Upland Road Clinics Complex
Upland Road Clinics Complex


Site name UQ St. Lucia Campus
Building / location Upland Road Clinics Complex ( No. 39, 35, 33, 31, 29-27, 25, 21 Upland Rd, St Lucia)
Suburb / city St. Lucia, Brisbane QLD, 4067
Nominal DC output 40.2 kWp
Module area 230.8 m2
Start-up date 27/07/2018
Visible on Live Data display TBA
Date connected to display TBA
Site longitude 153°00'37.73" E
Site latitude 27°29'59.82" S
Height above sea level 23m + Building Height
Time zone AEST
Type of installation Roof-top installation (elevated)
Tracking system No tracking system
Tilt 23°
Orientation Various
Module make & model Canadian Solar  CS6K-285P
Module technology Polycrystalline Silicon
Module size 1650 x 992 x 40 mm
Number of modules 141
Inverter make & model Enphase S270-72-LN-2-AU
Number of inverters 141