This is one of two nearly identical multilevel car parking buildings. Its near flat roof and absence of shading structures often found on other buildings, such as exhaust cowls and cell phone towers, make the building an ideal site for a photovoltaic array.

As a result, almost 339 kWp of PV has been installed.

Panels on the north edge of the building have been placed parallel with the roofline.

To deal with the undulating roof and small differences in roof level, the other panels are placed on tilt frames.

All power generated from Multi-Level Carpark 1 is exported to a nearby substation and then distributed for use through the LV network; some may find its way back to this car parking building to power daytime lighting.

Provision has been made for future electric vehicle charging in this car parking building using PV electricity.

The clear, uncluttered rooftops on UQ's multi-level carparks provide ideal locations for photovoltaic arrays.
Multi-level carparks 1and 2
Multi-level carparks 1and 2


Site name UQ St. Lucia Campus
Building / location Multi-Level Carpark - Bld. # 98A
Suburb / city St. Lucia, Brisbane QLD, 4067
Nominal DC output 338.9 kWp
Module area 2305 m2
Start-up date 1/06/2011
Visible on Live Data display Yes
Date connected to display 10/06/2011
Site longitude 153°00'37" E
Site latitude 27°29'42" S
Height above sea level 23 m
Time zone AEST
Type of installation Rooftop installation (elevated)
Tracking system No tracking system
Tilt 2° - 6°
Orientation 20°
Module make & model Trina TSM 240-PC05
Module technology Polycrystalline silicon
Module size 1650 x 992mm
Number of modules 1412
Inverter make & model Aurora Power-One PVI-12.5-OUTD/-S & Aurora Power-One PVI-5000-OUTD
Number of inverters 26 (24 x 12.5 & 2 x 5000)