The 630kW dual-axis tracking array comprises of 160 individual trackers, each with a peak output power of 4.275 kW.

These trackers are capable of a 340-degree slewing motion and 180-degree tilt that allow the panels to directly face the sun at all times and thus, maximise output power.

A dual-tracker system will produce more energy compared to a fixed array or single-axis tracking array of same power rating – as shown in the figure below.

The dual-axis tracking arrays at Gatton can rotate and tilt to face the sun, all day.
UQ's Gatton Solar Research Facility is unique in Australia.
When compared with a fixed array or single-axis tracking array of same power rating, a dual-tracker system produces more energy.


Site name UQ Gatton Campus
Building / location Gatton PV Pilot Plant – Dual axis tracking array
Suburb / city Gatton QLD, 4343
Nominal DC output 684 kWp
Module area 5184 m2
Start-up date 27/03/2015
Visible on Live Data display Yes
Date connected to display 22/02/2015
Site longitude 152°20'14.1"E
Site latitude 27°33'41.5"S
Height above sea level 88 m
Time zone AEST
Type of installation Ground mounted
Tracking system Deger dual axis tracking system (160 x Degertraker 5000HD)
Module make & model First Solar FS-395-PLUS (95W)
Module technology Cadmium telluride
Module size 1200 x 600 mm
Number of modules 7200 (45 per tracker)
Inverter make & model SMA Sunny Central 720CP XT
Number of inverters 1 x 720 kWp capped at 630 kWp output